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Welcome to MusicLibrarian.net 6.1.12

MusicLibrarian.net is a web-based service that allows bands, orchestras and choirs to catalogue and track their own sheet music libraries on the net.

  • No software to install or maintain, and no data to back up
  • Quickly and accurately track all your sheet music - with optional barcode labelling for each copy
  • Cross-reference your concerts and the pieces performed
  • Your music library available on the web for your members to browse and your librarian to update.

Would you like to use MusicLibrarian for free?
We need groups with their own sheet-music libraries to help with further development of the system. Contact the webmaster for more details.

Users of the system include

For more information about the system, download the faq FAQ sheet (pdf),
the guide user guide (pdf) or
For lastest updates, see the release notes